Wing Tsun for Women

Unfortunately Wing Tsun is – like almost any other martial art – a male domain. This might probably be based upon the very frequent prejudice amongst women, that women have no place in fighting schools, fighting is only for men, a male preserve, etc.. As with these thought patterns, most of the time it gets lost, that especially women are then the weak gender and therefore by nature inferior to strong men.

Why should self-defense remain a male domain only? Why especially Wing Tsun? Wing Tsun in particular is the ideal female self-defense, as it claims, that everyone regardless of his own physical strength or body weight can defend himself. The aspect of no strength bears the big advantage for women when learning, that they can free themselves from their own strength more easily as their male counterparts (Wing Tsun principle of strentgh: „free yorself from your own strentgh!“) and that they are mostly more sensitive and have finer motoric skills.

The femal weakness is being converted into strength and provides an amount of unknown self-confidence and a new way of handling the own body.

The topic of 'women's self-defense' is rather being timidly approached by women, therefore we ask you to contact us. We offer for this area individual or group solutions, in order to ease the first entry in this for women very delicate topic.

Contact partner is Tino Kiosseoglou (we do speak English):