Intuitive - logical - palpable: IUEWT-Dao

We bring a new and strong palpable light into the many ideas of martial arts...are you open for it? Whether you are a beginner, advanced or teacher - this uniqueness and beauty will simply sweep you away and take you on a special journey. Try it out!


We offer deep knowledge through two centuries old proven learning methodologies of physical combat - Wing Tsun (after Leung Ting) - Escrima (after Rene Latosa). This successful evolution (IUEWT-Dao) made by the IUEWT ® is based on simple scientific principles and gives meaning to many things in martial arts. Coupled with a unique natural learning culture, the IUEWT ® offers this all under one roof. This is precisely why all generations learn so enthusiastically from and with each other! 

Already at the first encounter you feel a leap, which equals years of practice and brings incredible fun through common sense. Don't miss to be part of the new and sustainable movement in martial arts - amongst an extraordinary and passionate team family!

"It is essential that we oppose to an attack dynamically and resolutely with the maximum strength of the body structure - because under stress this is the only thing we can control. The objective of the attacker, from which he will not be dissuaded by coaxing, once he is determined: hit..."

Sifu / Master Marcus Schüssler 9. Level IUEWT

The natural, sensed intuition is brought back to life through simple exercises and systematized through the IUEWT® learning methodologies for self-defense / body development. Classical / traditional teaching methods (martial arts) inhibit natural intuition through memorization (being top-heavy).

The IUEWT® teaching method develops a positive body feeling and thus becomes an attitude towards life / lifestyle. Gender as well as age play no role under the condition of a general physically healthy condition.


Fear is a natural, innate feeling that can hardly be switched off (and not to be ashamed of) - and an incredible power of perception that must be used.

A physical injury is caused by an impact of an attack onto the body - this is what everyone is intuitively afraid of. It is an indispensable basic assumption that an attacker has the intention to realize this with full effectiveness. But without physical contact there is no 'impact'. For this to happen, he is forced to move into a distance that allows him to make an optimal physical impact (contact). Self-defence must teach how to prevent a possible impact onto one's own body by optimally controlling such distances. IUEWT® is the only provider of self-defence that addresses these relationships holistically from the beginning. 

Through this approach of 'self-defence', the IUEWT concept of body structure is tangibly applied directly from the beginning - similar to a body feeling in yoga with additional influence from the outside. The aspects of 'self-defence' make it possible to understand the how and why of the IUEWT body structure.

Benefits of the IUEWT® learning methodology:

  • Reconnecting with intuition

  • Perception and feeling of body structure / the body in general

  • Learning how to properly balance body strength

  • Learning the 'distance(s)' as a key concept

  • Learning natural speed as a key concept

  • Learning 'timing' as a key concept

  • Learning the strategy of body and mind

  • Learning control as a key strategy

  • Learning how to "gymnastically" transfer these strategies and concepts efficiently into the body.

  • Learning how to make a transition of these strategies and concepts into other areas of life for personal benefit

  • Discovery of your mental and physical self

"Fear does not look at the effect, but at what causes it."

"We are more frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than in reality."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (approx. 4 BC - 65 AD), called Seneca the Younger; Roman philosopher, stoic

“Everyone thinks that their reality is real reality. The one who thinks differently is not an idiot, he has just constructed a different reality. "

Paul Watzlawick

Our motto: if a person understands, he does not have to be taken along, but goes along by himself. People who understand will grant. People who understand can agree with things in their own reality. If there is understanding, stereotypes are superfluous.