Are you open and ready for a unique learning experience in martial arts?

Whether beginner, advanced or teacher - this uniqueness will simply carry you away and take you on a special journey - try it out!

Simple - intuitive - logically sound - revolutionary - cross-generational: IUEWT-Dao - the special martial arts learning experience.

Understanding the essence of self-defence by fear - condensed version


We offer more and above all deeper knowledge through two centuries old tried and tested learning methods of physical combat - Wing Tsun (after Leung Ting) - Escrima (after Rene Latosa)

The successful development based on simple scientific principles through the IUEWT ® made this unique natural learning environment of martial arts possible. This innovative and exclusive formula is only available worldwide under the umbrella organization of the IUEWT ®. This is precisely why all generations learn from and with each other! This approach enables a noticeable leap in development right from the first encounter, which is equivalent to years of practice and is incredible fun. The IUEWT ® approach accelerates learning processes!

The great change in martial arts through the IUEWT ® in an extraordinary and passionate team family - be there and help shape it!

"It is imperative that we dynamically and resolutely confront an attack with the body in its effective whole. The attacker's objective, from which he will not be dissuaded by coaxing once he is determined to do so: hit..."

Sifu / Master Marcus Schüssler 9. Level IUEWT

Are the IUEWT® learning methodologies the right ones for me?

They are suitable for everyone! How does that work?

Very simple: We will show you how the natural and felt intuition can be brought back to life through simple exercises and systematized for self-defense / physical development through the learning methods of the IUEWT®. Classical / traditional teaching methods (martial arts) inhibit natural intuition by memorizing (being top-heavy) isolated technique exercises.

In the narrower sense, the UEWT® form of teaching is an attitude to life / lifestyle through a positive body feeling. Gender and age do not play a role here, provided that you are generally physically healthy.


What makes the IUEWT® form of teaching so unique worldwide?

A simple fact: Everyone is 'afraid'! Fear is a natural, innate feeling that can hardly be switched off. What is the simple logic behind it? 5 questions and answers that will help you quickly understand what self defence is all about:

  1. What is everyone afraid of? A physical injury
  2. Why? Because the severity of the injury is uncertain.
  3. What causes an injury? By 'effect' transmitted through physical contact - the so-called 'hit'.
  4. Why can't you 'see' how much 'energy effect' is coming your way? Because humans are not able to do that - fact. Otherwise they could see things like temperature, barometric pressure.
  5. When exactly do you know how much 'Energy Effect' is actually attacking? Only at the moment of hitting a body part. It makes sense to protect the body from a direct impact.

Worldwide only the IUEWT® addresses these questions right from the start as provider of self defence methods. Each participant and student is developed through structured training to the effect that 'fear' must be the 'rediscovered natural intuition' that warns of danger. With this reliable information, one knows when to use the learned physical tools | should be used | be able to use.

Based on the simple logic of the 'energy effect', the IUEWT® builds up each participant in a structured way with the classic teaching methods Wing Tsun – Escrima. At the first contact, the explanations appear 'demystifying' - driven less by emotions than by their functionality. But very quickly gates open in your head that will change you forever and develop a new passion - which is incredible fun for all active people!

The two IUEWT® learning methods can each be trained individually or together without previous knowledge as an ideal supplement to other martial arts/arts for your own benefit. In our decades of work, we have helped a number of martial artists to new levels of performance through this system.

"Fear does not look at the effect, but at what causes it."
"We are more frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than in reality."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (approx. 4 BC - 65 AD), called Seneca the Younger; Roman philosopher, stoic
“Everyone thinks that their reality is real reality. The one who thinks differently is not an idiot, he has just constructed a different reality. " Paul Watzlawick

This is the author

The IUEWT® approach: If a person understands, he does not have to be taken along, but goes along by himself. People who understand will grant. People who understand can agree with things in their own reality. If there is understanding, stereotypes are superfluous.

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