The IUEWT Martial Arts learning experience

Simple - intuitive - logically founded - revolutionary: IUEWT-Dao

IUEWT-Dao: The logical implementation of two centuries-old tried and tested learning methods of physical combat (Wing Tsun according to Leung Ting and Latosa-Escrima) on the basis of logically sound principles results in the new, unique and exclusive formula under the umbrella of the IUEWT!

This unique approach enables a noticeable leap in development even in the first unit, which, compared to conventional teaching and learning models, equates to years of laborious commitment of a lifetime.

The great change in martial arts through the IUEWT in an extraordinary team family - help shape it now!

Are the IUEWT learning methodologies suitable for me and am I suitable for it?

Yup! They are suitable for everyone! Why! Very easily:

With us you learn how natural intuition can be brought back to life through simple exercises and how it can be systematized using the IUEWT learning methodology. Because in contrast to classical and traditional teaching methods (martial arts), where the stringing together of isolated technical exercises suppresses natural intuition, we emphasize precisely this from the beginning!

If, in addition, there is a desire for development from the basic skills of self-protection for everyday life into a high performance form and philosophy, then with us you will find everything in one package. Possible career prospects are also professionally supported, as is pure leisure activities. The IUEWT form of teaching is an attitude towards life and lifestyle that merges the physical and mental levels. Gender and age do not play a role, provided that you are generally physically healthy.

What makes the IUEWT form of teaching so unique?

Everyone is 'afraid'! Fear is a natural, innate feeling that can hardly be switched off. When faced with the question of 'fear' and asked specifically about physical violence, the general statement is: before an injury. Injuries are only caused by physical contact - the so-called 'hit'. The contact is only the middleman for the 'energy' factor - an invisible quantity that is determined by a physical body at a speed that is passed on to the next body at the moment of impact.

The IUEWT is the only provider of self-defense to address the issue of fear from the very beginning with every beginner. Every participant and student is developed through structured developmental pedagogy in such a way that 'fear' becomes the 'recovered natural intuition' that warns of dangers. With this reliable information, you know when the physical tools you have learned must be used should | can.
"Fear does not look at the effect, but at what causes it."
"We are more frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than in reality."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca (approx. 4 BC - 65 AD), called Seneca the Younger; Roman philosopher, stoic
However, nobody is able to visually recognize in advance whether one is threatened by a life-threatening high energy effect (high impact) or a harmless energy effect (low impact). Based on this fact, the IUEWT uses the classic Wing Tsun - Escrima teaching methods to structure each participant. At the first contact, the IUEWT learning methodologies appear to be 'demystifying' - driven less by emotions than by their functionality. But after the first 'empathy' attempt, the newcomer experiences practical impressions that cannot be conveyed visually and therefore open gates in the head that will change him / her forever.

The two IUEWT learning methodologies can be trained individually or together without previous knowledge as an ideal complement to other martial arts - the teaching by the IUEWT is based on the indisputable independence of logic (of the body)!
“Everyone thinks that their reality is real reality. The one who thinks differently is not an idiot, he has just constructed a different reality. " Paul Watzlawick

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The IUEWT approach to conveying understanding: If a person understands, he does not have to be taken along, but goes along by himself. People who understand will grant. People who understand can agree with things in their own reality. If there is understanding, stereotypes are superfluous.

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