Important note! This video emerged from a spontaneous training flow. But this in particular demonstrates the inherent efficacy of the IUEWT-Wing Tsun (Leung Ting / Ip Man lineage) curriculum in a rarely seen manner. Despite these circumstances this video shows as well, that a realistic training can be realized without injuries, if such a control is involved. Click for part one on the left tile and part 2 on the right tile.
Latosa Escrima Concepts presents

GM Rene Latosa/Jessica Latosa: The danger of knife defense

This video makes clear, that even rookies are extremely dangerous, even for so-called knife defense experts.

Please mark the main message of this video: recognize the realities of knifes how they really are do not fall for any risks!

This simple exercise for the Box deriving from general sports like Basketball in correlation with combative knife tactics will render anyone dangerous.

Ms.Jessica Latosa is only a beginner and just that fact makes it apparent, that everyone can do what she executes in the video.