Many get their experience from books or videos with graduations in modern YouTube style

... the remaining few from over 40 years of experience and working on real context

... and only very few are able to convey and document such immense empirical values ​​in a sustainable and understandable way
Marcus Schüssler is a pioneer of national as well as the European Wing Tsun / Escrima martial arts. He has been practicing these two martial arts since 1981 and has been teaching professionally since 1987. He has been practicing martial arts for a total of 46 years.

He currently holds the 9th level IUEWT. He is a private student of GM Rene Latosa (USA), probably the most internationally recognized expert in realistic self-defense, and was officially awarded the level of teacher (in Filipino 'Guro') by GM Latosa at the end of 2008, to master's level in 2012 and a master level 1 in 2018 1 for Escrima-Concepts.

He has published two specialized books. The third book is in progress.

Through his worldwide travels as well as his national and European activities, he teaches Wing Tsun and Escrima on the highest international level for the IUEWT - the International Union For Escrima & Wing Tsun (IUEWT), which he co-founded. The main area of ​​responsibility is teaching Wing Tsun and Escrima as well as developing teachers and instructors for new member schools in the IUEWT.