Short bio (Sifu/Master Escrima Concepts)

Marcus Schüssler
Some get their experience from books and videos
…others from over 30 of evolvement
…only a few are able to pass on and document such tremendous knowledge in a sustainable and understable fashion
Sifu/Master Marcus Schüssler is a pioneer of the national as well as european Wing Tsun / Escrima martial art branch. He practises both arts since 1981 und teaches since 1987 on a professional standard. In all he is involved into martial arts for over 43 years.

Being a private student of GM Rene Latosa (USA), the most internationally respected expert for realistic Escrima self-defence, he was officially awarded the title of ‚Guro (teacher or instructor in the Filippino terminology)‘ end of 2008, the title of Master for the Escrima-Concepts in May 2012 and Master Level 1 in 2019

He authored two specialized books in German language so far. A third book series is in work.

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Through his worldwide travels, his national and European teachings he brings Wing Tsun and Escrima closer on the highest international standard for the IUEWT – International Union For Escrima & Wing Tsun (IUEWT), to which he is also co-founder. He speaks German, English and French.

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