Thoughts to the New Year

Good morning and welcome to the new year 2023 - we wish you all the best and the best health. The last 3 years have shown that society finally got in touch with reality again and this had caused a mental and moral shock combined with a shock rigidity. CoVid with all its effects, then the war not far from us with its effects. Every cause and its 'effect' can be processed - but if the events follow each other in such a short time that one could not yet process the first event and the next one is already taking place, then the human being is mentally overstrained. No social media, no technology, no growth will help - only an inner solid structure, because then one is with oneself and can see and evaluate things differently. The priorities shift with an inner fixed structure in favor of less dependence on things in the social outside. It is analogous to martial arts: if one uses the classically established teachings to cope with an external cause of violence (self-defense), and not only one attack, but a wave of successively incessant attacks 'acts' on one, then in the mind - if the defense against the first attack was not optimal - one is further occupied with the production of the optimal defensive arrangement (phenomenon of the post-corrector). The wave continues simultaneously and the vicious circle of post-correction 'works' a rigidity (reflex arc) due to the overload. Since physical attacks are generally carried out with an intention, they are used with maximum intensity and in as short succession as possible. This then 'acts' like a shock on the attacked - accordingly, the shock rigidity quickly.

And exactly this happened mentally and socially - CoVid and war directly one after the other with all their 'effects' were too much the social brain, which loves order, growth and freedom from worries - respectively was trained for it. An antidote for the next time? I put the term 'effect' in quotation marks. There are many derivations of the term: impact, effect, effectuation, etc.... But the core 'effect' is the actual term that I have already pushed to the forefront with the publication of Book Volume III, and which I will take in the future as the one term for simply describing all that our teaching methodologies of martial arts - Wing Tsun-Escrima - are meant to help understand and develop an antidote or tool for: the inner, solid body structure. To be solid like a bruiser and at the same time have the ability to move the bruiser at any time and / or change its appearance - without losing the characteristic of the bruiser. The conversion from the physical tangibility through mental work (meditation, reflection, mental occupation) will help you to develop a mental structure and thereby achieve more serenity and freedom from external social influences. Isn't freedom what everyone strives for? This can only be achieved with a structure within yourself - but one that is consciously best planted in your mind through your body. We teach these tools through WingTsun-Escrima with this objective, because this has always been the actual objective of such arts. The ability to effectively use this as self-defense in the physical area is a great added value for every student and teacher. In this sense I wish you a lot of inner strength, health and structure for 2023 (actually also for all years after that 😊-but 2023 should be the starting year for this thought, so that also the implementation can begin)


New instructional video: 'Structure / Energy /natural intuition'
This video will change / destroy / crack up traditioned ideas.

New instructional video: 'Introduction into the Logic of Self Defense'
This video will change / destroy / crack up traditioned ideas. The master like transition is another issue

New instructional video: 'The destruction of martial arts (thinking) by science'

Words of guidance by (Sifu/Master) Marcus Schüssler: This video is not for those who want to live a martial arts dream. The train of thought in this video disrupts minds and opens doors, you cannot close anymore – once they have been opened - the doors of truth and simplicity. So be careful

Video open seminar with GM Rene Latosa Hamburg 2019

Workshop in Lünen Westfalia (Biao-Zhi Selbstbehauptung durch Verteidigung e.V.) 24.06.2017 – teaching that martial art terms soft/hard are confusing and misleading. These terms are an expression of human perception and are not conducive for better understanding of what is necessary to improve efficacy. The participants were made to feel the difference without any martial technique.


The term ‘family’ in martial arts

Particularly in Asian martial arts the term 'Family' or 'Family style' is maintained even today. Wrong expectations due to the false setting of the terms provide human misunderstandings at large. This article will help to bring more transparency to the terms and to cleaner set the correct perimeter.



Open seminar in Spain 2016 - impressions



report seminar Jiu-Jitsu Union NW November 2015 with Wing Tsun



To all combat sportspersons/martial artists – if the visual perception is the foundation of the fighting strategy, then this test shows the limits of all that, what is being presented in films or other media in an unrealistic fashion.



report open seminar 2015 with GM Rene Latosa in Velbert



Valuable quote for martial artists by Albert Einstein:

You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother.


Valuable quote for martial artists by E.F. Schumacher (Economist)/Albert Einstein:

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex... It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction."


Lifestyle versus philosophy - or how the IUEWT brought old worldviews from martial arts into a new life

The concept of philosophy from Wikipedia: [In philosophy (Greek φιλοσοφία philosophía, Latinized philosophia, literally means "love of wisdom") is an attempt to interpret and understand the world and human existence. From other studies it differs in that it is not limited to a particular area or a particular methodology, but is characterized by the nature of their problems and their particular approach to their various subject areas.] Nowadays the concept of philosophy is likely used to not only represent certain ideologies, but also (even ideologically) to mediate or to spread, so that many people pursue and live the same philosophy (the negative effect such as power control, etc. are not an issue here!). In general, philosophy takes only place in the spiritual / mental realm of man.

In the classical martial arts of Asia the concept of philosophy plays an important role ever since. The best-known philosophies from this area are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. The original task of philosophy here is to integrate craftsmanship or technical realizations into a greater mental concept, whom everything follows (analogous to the above explanation from Wikipedia: the philosophy of martial arts is the phenomenon of interpreting combat and make it understand in order to deduce fundamental wisdom).



second video open seminar Wing Tsun & Escrima Spain May 2015



video open seminar Wing Tsun Spain May 2015


video open seminar Escrima Spain May 2015


video open seminar Escrima Hamburg May 2015



summary and video free of charge open seminar 'knife / firearm scenarios'

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A great honor has been bestowed upon us:

a big European Wing Tsun & Escrima teaching organization, that is presenting itself a market leader, put after our publication of our article 'The triple F (FFF) principle for becoming a distinguished martial artist' in November 2014 exactly this topic on the agenda of their annual big seminar event 2015 - 'Form follows function'

We are happy about this indirect acknowledgement our constant developmental efforts!


Open seminar 2014 with Grand Master Latosa in Velbert/Germany

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11.06.2014 Report Pentecost 2014 Seminar at Chateau Montbras in France Lehrgang_Chateau_Montbras_2014_018-300x178 continue reading...


Open Seminar with GM Latosa in Hamburg

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What is different with the IUEWT training concept?

The IUEWT teaches two logical martial arts from different cultural backgrounds: Wing Tsun, which is native to China, and Escrima, which has its roots in the Philippines. However, both martial arts despite their cultural different income have something in common: both martial arts aim for the logical efficiency of the body as a basis for an optimal self defense.

With only a few exceptions, the combat sports or martial art styles try to distinct themselves by a maximum by highlighting their uniqueness in a particular area. As the combat sports or martial art styles are exercised by real humans, it is also the human factor of an intended uniqueness, which serves as a strong driving force to achieve a superior position in front of a broader public. At the same time, the presentation of the uniqueness in correlation to the exercise of a combat sports or martial art discipline are also supposed to indicate a certain supremacy on a personal, social, or economic level. New styles emerge due to this strong demarcation, because any deviation from a previously existing uniqueness represents a new stylistic variance, hence a new style. As constantly young people come into this play anew, they also have a tendency toward achieving uniqueness and so new styles are created, by minimal or maximum differences to the previous form.

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A little Christmas inspiration....Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year 2014 to all!

Une petite inspiration pour Noël...joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année 2014 à tout le monde!



LIVING COLOUR - Jim Carey-Karate Instructor with defense against knife....
I loved watching this show....and there is so much truth in it



report about the seminar of the German Jiu-Jitsu Union Association November 2013

Saturday, 16.11.2013 - the sports hall of the Clara-Schumann-High school is filling up with about 60 participants around 15:00 for the end-of-the-year-seminar of the German Jiu-Jitsu Union Association. The special thing about this year: three different experts on three different disciplines teach at the same time - Jiu-jitsu, Escrima and classic boxing.

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IUEWT - concept extension

We want to meet the demand of many existing schools for a continued training in Wing Tsun and/or Escrima with an advanced concept. Starting 2014, there will be two ways of training, each aimed at different groups of interest:

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report open seminar with GM Latosa Velbert 2013

Saturday, October 19/2013 - the open Escrima seminar with Grand Master Rene Latosa opens slowly, because there was some misunderstanding on the start time information. The participants of the seminar consisted of five different teaching-organizations, by which the term ‘open’ kept its level from former years.

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A few thoughts for incentive:

To all those, who train self-defense - important note – even free of charge:

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pictures from the 'Matinée des Arts Martiaux Chinois' in Lyon

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Chi-Sao in Wing Tsun – lived taoism and systematic learning of fighting strategies combined in one exercise

Chi-Sao (translated ‚clinging arms‘), an exercise developed from traditional fighting arts is seen from today’s neurophysiological view is the only exercise that can really program basic behaviorial changes. The sublime objective, to learn and establish control over oneself and by this over the opponent is a process that needs decades of practice if the objective is put very high.

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The blog has been launched...hello and welcome to all, who are interested in frequent news and articles about Wing Tsun, Escrima and general topics, that will be published here. The Blog will replace our newsletter, that was sent out for years and which has been very much appreciated by the public. Objective feedbacks from readers will also be published, as well as objective incoming articles. Nevertheless allow myself a personal evaluation, if incoming articles will be published or not in order to comply our strict quality criteria. For documentation the first articles are being published as a start.
Sifu/Master) Marcus Schüssler