On Saturday June 7 / 2014 real Wing Tsun enthusiasts came together at Château Montbras in France for an intensive learning experience with (Sifu/Master) Marcus Schüssler. About 3pm the seminar started, after all listed participants had arrived and freshened up after the road trip.

As almost all participants had been in the same curriculum range and the learning environment is out of the ordinary, it became a learning experience of the special kind for the foundation of the two-arm Chi-Sao based on the logic of center line concept. The participants had the chance of developing on their own without any stress and by that experiencing and intensifying their own perception.

In the evening after the first unit, everybody enjoyed the diner on the grand dining table outside in front of the chateau with a three cours French menu. After the breakfast on the next morning the second unit took place, after which everyone was happy to travel back, as the capability of information intake had reached its max. In the next year the seminar will be open to everyone and everybody, who is willing to learn something about himself and the logic of the body – regardless of any affiliation to whatever organisation – because logic does not know any barriers being set up by individual interpretation or conveyance of experiences and even does not acknowledge these!