Saturday, October 19/2013 – the open Escrima seminar with Grand Master Rene Latosa opens slowly, because there was some misunderstanding on the start time information. The participants of the seminar consisted of five different teaching-organizations, by which the term ‘open’ kept its level from former years.
The topic for this year: basics kicking strategies in Escrima, a subject that rarely was or is never being touched. Grand Master Latosa conducted a few group exercises again at the beginning for becoming acquainted amongst all, in order to form a ‘joint seminar team’ and thus to take away possible hindrances due to shyness or insecurity. These exercises were already geared towards the subject.
In the course of the first 30-40 minutes the last participants finally were present and the bias increased bit by bit immediately towards a level, which already brought the participants to the limit of their receptivity in the first seminar half. After the short break it could already be noticed, how much the first seminar half had physically and mentally demanded the participants. A big learning step for all participants was to see and understand kicking techniques as a means to keep balance.
At the end Grand Master Latosa answered questions from the participants and left no misunderstandings and unclear issues. The subsequent applause from the participants came full heartedly. At the diner GM Latosa had the chance to again answer various questions, which he openly did while enjoying great food.