Saturday, October 17/2015 – (Sifu/Master) Marcus Schüssler addresses the participants shortly with a short speech, also to bias on the topic of ‚concepts against multiple attackers – with and without weapons. The structure of the seminar related to the known procedure by Grand Master Latosa. At first physical basics were brought to a mutual level. Then these tools were automatically merged through different scenarios by the participants and brought to life, so that the participants received a feeling, how the logic of technique as well as the teaching in the Escrima-Concepts is made up. At this GM Latosa touched more or less all the concepts, so that the participants received so much information input, that they were happy for the in time end of the seminar.

The subsequent feedbacks expressed very more ‘than pleased’ – already at the following common diner. Like every year the participants were prompted to propose topics for the seminar in the next year.  

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