WingTsun/Escrima: the second income or

      Wing Tsun/Escrima & profession

Many present job descriptions do not offer any sufficient basis anymore for an excluvie livelihood unlike the era of 10 or 15 years ago, where long-term perspectives determined the time spirit up until retirement. As in the USA the trend towards the second job is already reality for long, therefore why not doing something what also grings fun and fulfillment! Something You always wanted to do!

He who is already being busy intensely studying WingTsun & Escrima and allocates an increasingly bigger space to this passion in everyday life, gets quickly attached to the idea of combining this passion and profession. Such a synergy is often not only the realization of a dream, but also a great profit for WingTsun/Escrima and the students – because especially high-quality training conditions arise mostly there, where people commit themselves to their full concentration and thus correspondingly an new economic basis turns up. The step towards semi/fully professional activity in WingTsun/Escrima requires a lot of efforts and can be realized ain a bespoke way according to the personal situation – in one go only or by several years of building up, with start up foundation or via employment directly in the sports branch or in a completely other field. For the solution finding process we support you with experienced ways or individual concepts. If you are interested, we consult you free of charge for your personal situation.

Differentiating two main directions fundamentally: The semi professional (side job) and the fully professional Wing Tsun/Escrima teacher or instructor. This disctinction is very important, and although on both ways the same technical curriculums are taught and the need to act evenly professional is mandatory. The essential difference between the two is that the activity of the fully professional is a 100% self employment. The WingTsun/Escrima instructor is generally not an acknowledged profession and will not become one in future in Germany. Other coutries may have different legal frames, but for the majority the same applies.

Nevertheless, turn your activity into one of the most fulfilling activities in the world – and with a success strategy starting as a side job for installing a basis first – because generally success gives confideance and satisfaction. How far you are going to take this success will then be decided by yourself! And when the basis of the product today had been established so firmly through the lasting efforts and work of pioneers for decades, where only the continuation without the difficulty of a new market approach needs to be done, what other than that can be called a positive setting?

But without diligence no price – flexibility and enterprise joy are the basic requirement, for this purpose you should be open and service-oriented as soon as fun at the contact with people have. One must also be able „to sell“ oneself even professionally or to learn this.

Questions as: Can you adapt yourself flexibly to people? Are you physical and intellectually chargeable? You want to invest in yourself through training, in order to always be able to be top (as in the present working life also)? You think on a long-term basis and intend this also move? You want to move financial thinking in order to establish a long-term basis for themselves and your future pupils?

If you are positively employed opposite these questions, for which want you then not your gained WingTsun/ Escrima knowledge profit and success-bringing are useful?

You are proceeded member in a team, that over a Know-How of more than 30 years in the field WingTsun/Escrima as also the combat arts in general. A team, in which the and is anchored the teamwork as a philosophy firmly. Through that you find a motivated team that shaped the strong will the combat arts WingTsun and Escrima profitable to spread for all pages and to consolidate thus the team thought the IUEWT.

This team sat down as an objective, prospective customers for an activity as instructor and teacher fast and efficient with the corresponding abilities (‚Skills ‚) equip. Due to the extensive experience chances can be made recognizable in order to realize the individual success of the instructor thus as also the collective success of the team and to consolidate the individual success of the instructor.

The instruction activity

The activity is normally independent, and/or one is free employee for instance at a sport or fitness school as meanwhile there is it in great number everywhere. We guess to beginning this activity first of all in the small financial frame (To hold premises, etc. in a small way) until one gained enough self-confidence and experience and can quite surely estimate also the financial page before one plans greater steps forward.

The license of the internationally achieved IUEWT roof truss to be gained (Ahead setzung for a teaching activity in the respective region) the support guarantees to the advertising and to Oeffentlichkeits arbeit in supraregional matters and acts as Ansprech organ during the support of every headmaster in things of the daily administration.

For example free base internet appearances of one single are provided like this here train free printed forms and similar from the association. The brand IUEWT and their logos are by law protected, to be able to distinguish through a high instruction level in order to avoid abuse and around themselves in the exterior representation.

Who can instructor become?

Who is at least 22 years old and has a finished professional or school training.

ObjectiveA hochqualifiziete training within a flexible frame – a training costs a lot of time and energy and the high expenditure next to the present profession means often already the intellectual end of a possible combat art career. Ways offer you the IUEWT school Velbert as also the IUEWT itself, to integrate Wing Tsun/Escrima into your professional everyday life or even your passion to the (To do Neben-)Beruf. So you can deepen your knowledge and pass on your knowledge and move your knowledge to your dream nearer thus a piece: Wing Tsun/Escrima as a life.


They would like to found an own school or to be employed as a qualified coach? They stand before the choice of a training or retraining and would do „something with combat art“ with pleasure? They carry out already a profession and Wing Tsun/Escrima would like to make flow in into your activity or to broaden your competences? Our offers for your training and professional career are as individual as your course of life is and can be adjusted to your route planning flexibly. All training leads over the narrow connection of theory and practice, and also at the objective of your education we remain your way companion: as attendants of your sport place, contacts for coaches or providers of numerous further education possibilities – all for a successful practice.

Possibilities for the conversionEverywhere, where in fact one values quality as also transparent cooperation.

Advantages of such a activity

Financial balance through a successful activity, an activity picture not everyday as a personal enrichment, personal contentment through a more intense practice of the combat arts and simultaneous reasonable use of the own time potential, etc.. Shortly, all activities that you undertake in order to realize the knowledge transfer as authentically as possibly are presupposed also in all aspects which you pretend to achieve as an objective the objectives are fed realistic!


As at all things of the life, in any case time and of course also a financial budget. She moves our specific education system of course dependently from the intensity of your efforts into the situation to get relatively early into the teaching activity. For that there are flexible ways, that, however, only in a personal consultation conversation coming in to be explained in order to avoid misunderstandings from in front.

Application for the training to the professional Wing Tsun (WT) / Escrima – teacher


Minimum age at the beginning of the training of 16 years

Single call with the school management

Written application or photo conversation with following contents:

* What is your motivation for the training to the teacher Wing Tsun
* Describe your strengths and weaknesses in athletic & human respect
* Describe your (possible) previous gained experiences with combat art / sport
* You experienced positive or negative change through sporting activities in your life, you just describe these please.
* Short course of life

Training contents: Mediation of the Wing Tsun Systems in different modules up to the teaching-qualification in different construction stages The detailed range of services of the modules is represented in the photo conversation by means of an information folder especially constructed for that exactly. These modules can be adjusted, however, still individually.

End of the training:
Acknowledged teacher I.U.E.WT including practice conductor/coach appearance

Objective: Professional instructor(s) for the mediation of theoretical and practical knowledge in the Wing Tsun/Escrima and conflict overcoming on basis of a financial action competence, correct advertising, human being leadership, etc.

We train instructor junior staff successfully since decades and build up these activities continuously further. Contact us among or agree an appointment in the IUEWT training center on site for the personal consultation.

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