Warrior Weapons of the Filipino Martial Arts

This exceptional video production is a collaboration between GM Rene Latosa and the International Union For Escrima & Wing Tsun (IUEWT). The contents of this production has never been covered indepth like this before in any production worldwide and sets a new benchmark.

The four part production is about the Fighting Staff. It leads the viewer through the basics such as foundations, grips, balance, hits and types of weapons. There are no direct stances or hits to copy. Everything on the DVD’s is meant to inspire the viewer’s own innovations and creativity as how to practice the use of the Fighting Staff. As in any educational environment understanding what needs to be done is as important as how it is done – so listening and learning how to develop the use of the Fighting Staff will become valuable. This is not a “watch the action, see how good he is, let me be entertained” type of DVD. Hollywood is full of those types of films. If there is real seriousness in learning how to use the staff effectively, creatively, and explosively, then listening and discovering is important. Discovery is the best method of retaining information, because it becomes proprietary.

The job of this video production is to guide, help discover potential and to provide the tools to become the best that there can be.

Part 1

Part one guides through the simple core foundation of handling the weapon, the different ways that the weapon can be held and the hits that can be produced. It also takes the viewer through the concept of balance, one of the most important keys to any fighting system.

Part 2

Part two takes the viewer through the understanding of concepts as applied to the staff. The concepts are applied in various means so it can be understood for proper applications. The viewer will understand through the routines how to optimize speed, manage speed and control. In other words understanding the concept of speed, timing and distance.

Part 3

Part three starts to develop the methodology of focus. Focus becomes the ability to analyze oneself and the opponent. The ability to maximize hits assess the environment around us and makes us understanding what to look for in an opponent. That is the importance of strategy and reality.

Part 4

Innovation – the key word to creatively use the tools learned and transfer them from one situation to the other. By situation it is meant that the every different kind of weapon object – or no object at all –– trains new abilities, but does not really change the universal strategy or concepts. By making transitions from one weapon to the other and at the same time learning something new is called innovative! For dealers: dealer discount prices to inquired seperately!

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All about Disarms

This next exceptional video production is the second media production of the International Union For Escrima & Wing Tsun (IUEWT) in collaboration with GM Rene Latosa. This time the origins is taken on a journey, that scrutinizes so-called ‚disarms‘. For this GM Latosa functions as the travel guide, who will objectively illuminate all circumstances that may arrive before or during a disarm and thus rendering transparency of the risks involved. This production does not aim at demonstrating a variety of disarm techniques, but to hand out formulas and recipes to the viewer, so that he can analyze and understand the risks and securities of disarm techniques already learned or to be learned in the future. In addition to this GM Latosa tries to make understand, that this arms has almost no perspective in reality, but the more in-depth elements of disarm exercises presented in this production may contribute as a reinforcer for essential combative aspects like distance feel, striking power, etc..

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Ein neuartiges, innovatives Buch, welches durch reine Fakten und einfachen gesunden Menschenverstand neue Maßstäbe in der Kampfkunst setzt. Keine Interpretationen oder Meinungen - sondern Erklärungen was faktisch Bedeutung hat und nicht verneint werden kann. Nach dem Studium des Buches kann jeder Leser mit den Inhalten Lehrmeinungen, Aussagen oder andere Darstellungen auf deren Gehalt bewerten. Ein Muss für jeden seriösen Kampfkünstler, Kampfsportler oder Laien, der sich ein reales Bild machen möchte, bevor er in diese Thematik praktisch eintaucht.
Vereinfachte wissenschaftliche Betrachtungen von Kampfkunst zur Selbstverteidigung Grundlagen der Naturgesetze, Dinge des gesunden Menschenverstands und Allgemeingültigkeiten, die traditionelle Kampfkünste effektiv ergänzen