Lifestyle versus philosophy – or how the IUEWT brought old worldviews from martial arts into a new life

The concept of philosophy from Wikipedia: [In philosophy (Greek φιλοσοφία philosophía, Latinized philosophia, literally means "love of wisdom") is an attempt to interpret and understand the world and human existence. From other studies it differs in that it is not limited to a particular area or a particular methodology, but is characterized by the nature of their problems and their particular approach to their various subject areas.] Nowadays the concept of philosophy is likely used to not only represent certain ideologies, but also (even ideologically) to mediate or to spread, so that many people pursue and live the same philosophy (the negative effect such as power control, etc. are not an issue here!). In general, philosophy takes only place in the spiritual / mental realm of man.
In the classical martial arts of Asia the concept of philosophy plays an important role ever since. The best-known philosophies from this area are Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. The original task of philosophy here is to integrate craftsmanship or technical realizations into a greater mental concept, whom everything follows (analogous to the above explanation from Wikipedia: the philosophy of martial arts is the phenomenon of interpreting combat and make it understand in order to deduce fundamental wisdom).
Especially in ancient and traditional martial arts philosophy starts with right from the beginning as a guide for the beginner that he needs to comply with. In the physical field he begins by techniques, exercises, etc., which are being influenced by this philosophy. With continuous progress a comprehensive mental clarity should be obtained, which then merges into the respective philosophy by which a martial art was linked to in the past. This shall then be translated into other areas of life.

Taoism, for example, has as a basis of finding the balance between the energies / forces (Yin / Yang). If this philosophy biases from the beginning, it is being minuted so far into the daily implementation of martial arts, that yielding to force is being done at the slightest perception in order to not having to go into that issue respectively to always stay in tune with the philosophy. The attempt is to make this visible to the outside world for recognition so that the training environment can visually endorse. Exaggerations at this stage are not uncommon!
Unfortunately the factual is not being taken into account any longer - if the yielding is done absolutely at the slightest force, no consideration is being undertaken, into how much and how adjusted the yielding has to be executed! And there is no way to understand how it is to oppose the incoming forces at its best by the own inner forces so that only the surplus power of the applied force after the impact will become an issue - and not the entire impacting force!
In order to arrange this properly, you have to deal with the real structure of energies and forces - what seems to be not philosophically at all in the daily work. This debate is rather linked to long and hard work on oneself (proverbial translation of the term Kung Fu) in order to draw off from this, which then merge into a philosophy that is based on the basis of factual work with the body. So if philosophy is the main focus in martial arts work, and by the distraction of this the novice can no longer stay focused on himself, he cannot form foundations of his craft, which later form the basic modules of philosophy.
And this is where the IUEWT has its unique selling point, that goes far beyond the concept of philosophy: the lifestyle of logic! The logic is the basis of the philosophical view within the martial arts in the IUEWT as well as the factual foundation for the physical work, which in turn makes out the philosophy. Due to the fact that to the everyday (or at least continuous) physical work is oriented only towards a logical structure, the whole concept becomes a lifestyle.
Lifestyle is something that is being executed and lived every day (key word -> Best Practice)! The martial arts Wing Tsun and Escrima in the IUEWT are based on the logical context of facts from physics, physiology, biology, etc. and become a philosophy in the mental area through daily work. Both levels – the physical and mental – will merge and being lived as a lifestyle. And that right from the beginning!

This means that in stark contrast to the traditional approach of traditional martial arts / combat sports, where philosophy led and still leads the line of approach in learning right from the beginning and do not stand in line with the factual, the IUEWT – based on logic – has flipped this approach to 180 degrees. The facts are the foundation, in order to develop a philosophy that can be lived as a lifestyle and later being transitioned into other areas of life – because many analogies from normal daily life apart from martial arts already being used in the development as learning tools.

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